Blood, Nations & Gods

Story so far....

The Grand Inquisition of the Emrian Alliance and faithful of the New Emrian Gods have sent a detachment to the Pelagos Isles also known as the Broken Lands, a string of Islands in the Northern Murren Republic that are currently under attack from the Demon Titan Aesthma and its followers.

Journeying to a Graveyard on the east coast of Mycos the largest island, a new fresh team led and recruited by the Inquisitor. This group have been tasked by the Emrian Church with eradicating Shayle, a Tiefling follower of Aesthma.

Arriving at the graveyard the group investigated and opened the riddle lock on the largest crypt. Upon entering they climbed down an old shaft using a rope.

Then something happened, two surges of power swept across them, some fell from the rope as it seemed to turn into a snake or spectres of the past appeared in front of their eyes.

The water below saved the fallers barely, now in a large room the dead stirred from their sarcophagus’s, with fire the skeletal undead attacked but were defeated by the faithful.

After resting for a day they continued down a tunnel into a rounded room with a great sword wielding statue and a Tiefling. Their enemy taunted them but he was a mere pawn of Shayle’s and after his trap failed he ran, tricked into impaling himself on the statues sword he staggered away and collapsed the exit doorway.

After solving the statues mystery and following the Path of the Flowing River the group now finds itself sneaking through a crack in the wall…….

After a surprise attack the heroes captured their taunting Tiefling foe, while fear gripped his Drow companion who fled. The Goliath chased her down before finding her burnt body in front of a snake etched pillar.

The Inquisitor and Wizard soon got to grips with the Tiefling, interrogating and torturing him for information on Shayle before finally putting him down.

Exploring the pillar room revealed a prayer to the Emrian Gods and the flaming pillar serpents, the heroes also encountered a dark creature with sparks of colour that was protecting a key, its presence scared the Goliath into the traps flames.

The Oracle of quick mind began speaking the prayer from the wall and the creature burst into dark smoke, that then slowly quietened the pillars flames as it turned into white smoke and disappeared into the floor.

Using the Key the heroes found their missing member, the Ninja who had been captured by Shayle. Now complete they moved onwards.

They entered a corridor that showed events etched into the walls, it provided just as many questions as it did answers. Showing events and places they recognised as well as many they didn’t.

Exiting they found a simple dock, a smashed boat and a large body of water, the dark cavern ceiling high above. The Inquisitor used a divine scroll to repair the boat as the rest of the group dealt with a Giant Toad who called the dock, home.

Sailing across the water and after defeating your first demons, dealing with Hephya the harpy and her trap you then finally met Shayle.
Egotistical, aloof and up to dastardly plans he ignored you as he left the caves with a new staff made of dragon bone….

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